behind the scenes of The Norrmans Castle

Our names are Anna & Lars Norrmans and we are responsible for what you experience here at the castle.

We opened the doors to our boutique B&B in Denmark 2018. We ran it for two years before we could finally take a step back and work with what we love most, building, develop and invent. Our B&B still lives but we have had the opportunity to hire people that know how to run it. The same is the case for our Swedish castle.

We have an ability to dare. Some call it madness others courage. We call it a lifestyle och when we met we both decided to stop doing things for others that we did not like but instead build our own world with what we believe in and love. you will experience a part of that when you step through the doors in our hotels. It is about service, food and the interior decorating world you enter. We create what we ourselves want to experiment and along the way we find people we like and give them the responsibility for something they know how to do better than us. Together we are a team.

Thank you for coming to us, without you we would not be able to do what we do. We hope to create experiences outside the ordinary. That you for a moment forget the world we live in and enter a different universe where you can lower your shoulders and take a deep breath, put away your phone and just be. We believe people feel better when they do. Therefore have also put our hotels in places that we love. Close to nature, far away from stress and noice. Let natures sounds seduce you both on the inside and outside.

did you know we also have a HOTEL in denmark?

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